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Sudoku Help - Setting Options

Here's a page from the extensive help system for Sudoku Dragon. It is available as a help screen when running the program. To get the full picture Download our Sudoku Dragon and see the screen in its context.

We now offer an alternative product only available for download from Microsoft Store. This shares many features but not all of them. For documentation of the SudokuDragon for Store version see its separate help section.

The program gives you full control over how you want the Sudoku puzzle to look. When you install Sudoku Dragon you select a skill level this will turn on appropriate options.

You can change these at any time and the program will remember to use them for all future puzzles you solve.

All the options are accessed from the View | Options command (and toolbar button). They are arranged under tabbed categories:

  1. Control of how Possibilities are shown within squares
  2. Use of automatic Highlighting of possibilities within squares
  3. General Display options
  4. Program Options
  5. Choosing the Appearance of the grid (font and colors)
  6. Use of Sound effects
  7. Options for Printing out puzzle.

You can save all the settings away at any time using the File | Settings | Export command, so these can then be re-loaded at some later stage - for example migrating to a new PC.

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