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Tentative possibilities
To change the tentative possibilities just press SHIFT and the number you want to add to the current square. To clear all tentative possibilities from the current square press the F7 key.
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These 15 pages give a quick tour of the key features of our Sudoku puzzle solver.

The solver provides all the information you want with many options to control how the puzzle is displayed. The menu and toolbar have a host of useful options all documented in our context sensitive help topics. They are also available from the keyboard, many as function keys.

Sudoku Puzzle Solver

This screen shot shows a Sudoku puzzle being solved at the 'beginner' level. Many of the possible Sudoku square allocations are color coded to make solution easy. All occurrences of the number 8 have been highlighted using the possibility toolbar.

Any squares that might possibly take the number 8 are indicated by a small number in the top left corner. This is one of the many optional features of Sudoku, experts may want to work these out for themselves. The square Ci is one that can be easily solved, the region Ag has an 8 missing and because of the occurrence of 8's in column Gg and Fh, Ci is the only square in the row that a 8 can be allocated in this region. Two of the '8's are highlighted (this is an option) to indicate they can not be allocated in the squares Ab and Cf. Cf is not possible because 8 must go in Ci in the same row C. Similarly 8 can't go in Ab because in region Aa it must occur in row B because Ed and Da forces the 8 into either Bb or Bc and so it can't go in Ab. To make this clear, the program highlights these possibilities for 8 with a dark background. These features, as well as many others, are selectable to match your level of skill, providing just the right amount of assistance you need to solve a puzzle.

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