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Free Daily Sudoku Puzzles

We offer six different types of free Sudoku puzzles every day. You can print them out, solve them online or, download and use our Sudoku Dragon puzzle solver to help you solve them.

Gentle Sudoku Puzzle
Gentle Sudoku puzzle
(number 5763G)
Moderate Sudoku Puzzle
Moderate Sudoku puzzle
(number 5763M)
Challenging Sudoku Puzzle
Challenging Sudoku puzzle
(number 5763C)
Word Sudoku Puzzle
Word Sudoku puzzle
(number 5763W)
Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle
Jigsaw Sudoku puzzle
(number 5763S)
Samurai Sudoku Puzzle
Samurai Sudoku puzzle
(number 5763S)


For generation and solution of Sudoku puzzles download and install Sudoku Dragon.
It is the complete Sudoku package, including hints, guides, and many new puzzle types. Download our Sudoku puzzle solver for a free day trial.

At the incredible value of just $9 SudokuDragon offers forever usage (no subscription, no adverts), download for free trial here.

There are thousands of daily puzzles and their solutions in our Archive of Daily puzzles.

Note: Some will find the same puzzles more difficult than others depending on which strategies you use, the difficulty level can only be a very rough guide and will vary from day to day. Our puzzle solver program offers a much greater range of options and difficulty levels.

Today’s Quotation

愚公移山 The foolish old man who moved mountains. Anything can be achieved with persistence. The old story is that an old man wanted to move a mountain that blocked his path. Despite widespread cynicism he and his descendents gradually wore down the mountain. Mao Zedong used this proverb to persuade people that the seemingly impossible was achievable. One version of the story has the gods taking pity on the old man and removing the mountain with mighty powers.”
Ancient Proverb (China)

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