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Sudoku Help - Keyboard

Here's a page from the extensive help system for Sudoku Dragon. It is available as a help screen when running the program. To get the full picture Download our Sudoku Dragon and see the screen in its proper context.

Our menu and toolbar page lists all the Sudoku playing commands that are available from the program menu and toolbar. All the most frequently available actions are also available at the touch of a button - from the keyboard.

Selecting a square

To select the Sudoku grid press TAB until one of the cells shows a flashing underline. You can also select a square by clicking the mouse on a square.

Moving around the grid

The arrow keys (up, down, left and right) move by one Sudoku square in the corresponding direction. These only operate when a grid square is already selected. The page keys (Page up, Page down) move by one region up or down. If you use the control CTRL key at the same time it will move horizontally by a region rather than vertically. Home takes you to the top left square while End takes you to the bottom right.

Setting the contents of a square

To set the value for a Sudoku square you must first select the square and then just use the appropriate key '1' to '9'. If you have Number lock (Num Lock) enabled you can assign a value with the number pad keys. You can also use the mouse wheel as an alternative way of allocating a value to a square.

Clearing the contents of a square

Use the Delete key or Space to set the currently selected square as unallocated again.

Setting Tentative Possibilities and Impossibilities

For more difficult puzzles, many Sudoku puzzlers will want to mark possibilities on squares. You can do this simply and easily by selecting an unallocated square and then pressing down control SHIFT key at the same time select the appropriate key '1' to '9' for the possibility you want to set. The possibilities are shown as small numbers (or letters) at the bottom of the square. To set a impossibility use the CTRL key at the same time and the number will be shown with reversed colors. To clear all the possibilities for a square press Delete. You can set all possibilities to be the same as the automatic possibilities by pressing F8 or Edit | Set Auto Possibilities. The setting of possibilities is remembered so the program can selectively Undo and Redo them if you find you need to change your mind later.

Analyzing Possibilities

The possibility bar lets you quickly see what is possible to assign and where. You can use it by clicking on the symbols in the toolbar or by using ALT key with a number '1' to '9' to select a possibility option. If the possibility is already chosen this will clear the possibility display. To switch on all possibilities use the F4 function key. A highlight option is provided that shows the number of squares remaining.

Keyboard Commands

Here are all the available keyboard commands :

F1Display help information
F3Hide the side panel
F4Show/hide computed possibilities for all values 1..9
F5Show details for currently selected square
F6Switch automatic display of possibilities on or off
F7Clear all possibilities in current square
F8Set your marked possibilities to match automatic possibilities for the current square
F9Give a hint to help solve the puzzle
F10Show the current status of the game
F11Show possibility analysis for the current square
F12Automatically allocate an 'easy' to solve square
CTRL+ZUndo the previous square allocation
ALT+BackUndo the previous square allocation
CTRL+SHIFT+ARedo the previously undone square allocation
CTRL+SHIFT+NGenerate a new puzzle
CTRL+SHIFT+OOpen an existing puzzle file
CTRL+SHIFT+PPrint the current puzzle
CTRL+SHIFT+SSave the current puzzle
SHIFT+1..9Set or clear possibility for 1..9 (if using numbers)
SHIFT+A..TSet or clear possibility for A..T (if using letters)
CTRL+1..9Set or clear impossibility for 1..9 (if using numbers)
CTRL+A..TSet or clear impossibility for A..T (if using letters)
ALT+1..9Show/hide possibilities for 1..9 (if using numbers)
ALT+SHIFT+A..TShow/hide possibilities for A..T (if using letters)
SHIFT+F1Set current square background to marker color 1
SHIFT+F2Set current square background to marker color 2
SHIFT+F3Set current square background to marker color 3
SHIFT+F4Set current square background to marker color 4
SHIFT+F5Clear square background marker color
PauseTemporarily pause the game timer

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