Sudoku Dragon

How Sudoku Dragon works

Our software uses the latest algorithms to generate and solve Sudoku puzzles.

The software is written by Silurian Software who has been developing complex software solutions for over twenty years.

Number 6

It is written with the tried and tested Microsoft®'s Visual Development® package for the best compatibility with all existing Windows® based systems.

The software is carefully crafted so that it can solve grids of different sizes. The grid size of 9x9 is the most common one but all 'square' puzzles from smaller to larger are equally possible to generate and solve.

All puzzle games are stored in our special file format (.sdk) so that the sequence of square allocations is stored together with the puzzle grid. You can mail the puzzle to friends in this format. A puzzle is restarted from exactly when you left it (remembers all that you have done so far). You can download our daily puzzles in this format.

Silurian Software

Our solution algorithm works through the same strategies as an experienced Sudoku puzzle solver. It gives easy to follow explanations as to why certain allocations are possible and why some are impossible.

There are many views about computer generated Sudoku puzzles, with some believing that some human creativity is required. We believe our algorithm can generate five levels of puzzle difficulty that will appeal to many different players of the game from beginners right through to experts.

Using the latest web site software (using principally PHP ) we have been able to make puzzles easy to share with other users. It makes getting help on a particular problem Sudoku easy.

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