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Different sizes
If you become bored with 9x9 then try a different grid size. Our Soudoku solver offers ten different sizes ranging from 4x4 to 20x20 each with six levels of difficulty.
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You can change the look of Sudoku puzzles with Sudoku Dragon. As you may be staring at a puzzle for some time it is important that it is easy and pleasing to look at.

The text font and all the colors used in the Sudoku puzzle can be easily changed; this includes the colors used for squares, lines and displaying the excluded possibilities.

Sudoku Dragon comes with sound effects that are used when playing the puzzle, you can change any one or all of them, as well as switching off sounds altogether. The software installs a dozen predefined display themes to choose from.

Here's an example of a customized puzzle using a range of fonts and colors.

SudokuDragon Custom theme

The Sudoku Dragon puzzle solver comes with many pre-defined display themes that you can choose from; here are some samples:

Sample Sudoku Theme Red Green Sample Sudoku Theme  Green Sample Sudoku Theme Blue Pink Sample Sudoku Theme Sky Sample Sudoku Theme Reds Sample Sudoku Theme Autumn Sample Sudoku Theme Dark Sample Sudoku Theme Gold and Silver

sudokudragonTo download your Sudoku Dragon for a free trial, click on the Download link. You can generate your very own look and feel for Sudoku puzzles.

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