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Sudoku Help - Software Updates

Here's a page from the extensive help system for Sudoku Dragon. It is available as a help screen when running the program. To get the full picture Download our Sudoku Dragon and see the screen in its proper context.

Far too many programs have no in-built ability to check and download updates. You have to remember to go to the author's web site manually and look for an update or else you may need to use the Add/Remove programs information to find out where to look for an update.

Sudoku Dragon has an in-built update checking mechanism that makes looking for and installing an update effortless. All you need to do is select the Update Check menu option from the Help menu when you are connected to the Internet. It will look for an appropriate update from our web site for which you are eligible and then guide you through the update process.

By default Sudoku Dragon will remind you each month to check for an update and also when you first install the program - to make sure you have the most recent version. You can call up extra information describing the update before you set it running using the Info button.

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