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Comments on the Sudoku Dragon Stripe

Comments about the exciting new addition to Sudoku. Sudoku Dragon puzzles have- a stripe of consecutive numbers hidden somewhere in the puzzle.

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Stripes [Game solving Strategies forum] contributed by SudokuDragon

In Release 13 the 'stripe' was added to all our daily and automatically generated puzzles online as well as an option to the Sudoku Dragon.

We think it adds an extra 'strategy' to the game.

Firstly it is interesting to seek for the stripe by looking through all the groups. Sometimes it is obvious to spot sometimes not. Once spotted you can fill in the whole group and this can unlock a lot of difficult Sudoku squares.

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No Sudoku stripe (re: Stripes) contributed by Lynne

The stripe makes some of the puzzles much too easy to solve.

Granted I have stuck to the less difficult ones, but even so the stripe seems so easy to spot that it often makes the solution of the rest too much of a doddle.

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Stripes rule (re: No Sudoku stripe) contributed by John Wood

I like stripes. I only start looking for the stripe when I have run out of my usual strategies. It adds something different to do and it is easy to forget about it until the stripe is nearly complete.

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Cool Stripes (re: Stripes) contributed by Huw

Sudoku Stripes are cool. I like them.

What you need to add to Sudoku is something new to look out for when solving.

Stripes fit the bill, as they're a completely different sort of thing to try to spot. However I usually forget to look for them, and it adds some extra surprise when they just emerge.

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Diagonal Stipes (re: Stripes) contributed by Nivlem

Why not have diagonal stripes too?

They would be harder to spot and still be awfully useful in solving puzzles.

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