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Sudoku Information
Site index Explains what the site is all about and the main areas,
Puzzle Introduction Explains what the puzzle is all about
History Origins of the Sudoku puzzle
Strategy Sudoku solving strategies
Advanced Strategy Advanced Sudoku solving strategies
Theory Some of the theory behind the sudoku puzzle
Guessing When you might need to make a guess in order to solve a puzzle
Symmetry Patterns made by the Sudoku grid squares
Variations Some of the common variations on the basic Sudoku theme
Tutorial guides Step-by-step guides to the strategies and solving puzzles
News Latest news stories concerning Sudoku

Sudoku Dragon Puzzle Solver
Puzzle Solver Features Main features of our puzzle solver
Details Overview of the Sudoku Puzzle solver
Features A quick tour of the principal features of the Sudoku solver
Download a free trial Get a copy of the Sudoku puzzle solver
Technical background Description of the technical background of the Sudoku puzzle solver
Sudoku Stripe Describing the ordered stripe added to our Sudoku puzzles
Program Reference Full Sudoku solver online help
Buying the product Information on buying our Sudoku solver
Program license How Sudoku Dragon licenses work
Upgrade How to get an Upgrade to your copy of Sudoku Dragon
Buying the product The process of buying a software license for Sudoku Dragon

Daily Puzzles
Free puzzles Introducing our free daily puzzles
Gentle A fairly easy daily puzzle
Moderate A moderately difficult daily Sudoku puzzle
Difficult A more challenging, hard daily Sudoku puzzle
Archive Archive of previous Sudoku puzzles and their solutions

Message forums
Forum Index Online message forums for you to view and contribute to our web site. Forums cover help with puzzles, strategy, using Sudoku Dragon and general Sudoku chat.
Join our Community Register as a user so you can contribute to our web site forums
Manage your account Change your registered account options, password or close account

Getting help Where to get Sudoku help and advice
Frequently Asked Questions Some common questions and answers
Support Using our diagnostic tool to find problems with Sudoku Dragon
Search our site Find information on our site
Advice Getting advice and support
Contact Point All the ways you can contact us about the puzzle solver
Company Information about the company which develops Sudoku Dragon
Affiliate How to join our affiliate programme and earn money
Privacy Our policy for handling personal information
Terms and Conditions Legal terms and conditions covering our software

Useful Books Some Sudoku books you might like to buy.

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