Sudoku Dragon

Sudoku Help - Installation Options

Here's a page from the extensive help system for Sudoku Dragon. It is available as a help screen when running the program. To get the full picture Download our Sudoku Dragon and see the screen in its proper context.

The options page lets you choose where on the Start Menu the Sudoku Dragon programs will appear. By default a new Sudoku Dragon group will be chosen but you can choose any existing group by selecting it from the drop-down list.

So that you can save and restart stored puzzles, the software stores the puzzle files on your computer. Type in the folder path or use the Browse button to select a folder to store the files in. The program will automatically try to create the new folder if it does not exist, clear the check box if you do not want this to happen.

The last option selects whether you would like to add a shortcut to Sudoku Dragon to your desktop to make it easier to access. Press Finish to complete the installation process. The Sudoku Dragon wizard will then start up to configure the program in more detail.

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