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Invent a new Helper puzzle [General information about anything Sudoku related forum] contributed by Annie

I'd like to see a sudoku puzzle that already has 1-9 filled into each small box. You click on the number you want in that small box and here's what would happen: 1) the number you clicked on would become a large single number in that small box. 2) all matching numbers in that column would disappear. 3) All matching numbers in that row would disappear.

There would have to be 4 extra buttons that would come with the puzzle: START, RESET, SAVE and NEW. When you've copied all the numbers from the newspaper onto your helper puzzle, you would click START. Then you logically start filling in each small box. If you discover you've made a mistake, and can't find it, you would click the RESET button and the puzzle would go back to where you previously hit the START button (another words, it would only remove everything from the time you hit START, but not your beginning numbers).

The SAVE button would be handy for when you need to stop playing, but want the same filled puzzle to come back when you pull the puzzle back out of your file. If you want to start over again from scratch, you'd just hit the NEW button, and the puzzle would start over again with 1-9 in each small box.

I think this would be a great "newbie" training device, because an ongoing set of available choices would be available in each small box, with automatic [small number] erasures taking place as you go, leaving behind available correct choices.

Let me know if one of you bright-eyes invents such a puzzle. I'd like to purchase it.


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Nearly there (re: Invent a new Helper puzzle) contributed by Georgina

I think the SudokuDragon program does more or less what you want.

If you choose to create a blank puzzle and then, with the 'automatic possibility' display switched on, as soon as you start entering numbers into the grid the possibilities 'disappear'. When you have entered all the squares you want you use 'Save' to store the current state. You can then use 'Open' to read back in a puzzle at the particular stage - so that is like your reset.

Sudoku Dragon has 'undo' but it also has 'reset' to take you back to the initial state. So that is more or less what you are after?

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