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Sudoku Dragon Program Update 35

Version 5.2 Build 35 - Enhanced Interface

Here is the detailed technical list of changes that has been made to Sudoku Dragon since the last update.

Release date 20th May 2013.

It contains the following enhancements to existing functionality:

  • Region outline of grid can be 3-D effect.
  • Print options screen moved to options screen.
  • Initial squares have different background color to distinguish from user filled squares.
  • Standard Themes updated and enhanced.
  • Initial wizard has additional assorted settings page.
  • New option to switch off automatic open of last puzzle page.
  • Screens use scalable font for clearer text display.
  • The grid titles for rows and columns use the same font as that for numbers /letters in the grid.

The following fixes have been applied:

  • The guide's 'play mode' sometimes plays at very high speed.
  • If the status bar was not displayed then the puzzle timer no longer updated.
  • The hint display showed possibilities in error even though they were not displayed in the grid as they were not already visible.

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