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Sudoku Dragon Program Update 12

Version 2.5 Build 12 - Sudoku puzzle solving

Here is the detailed technical list of changes that has been made to Sudoku Dragon since the last update.

Release date 11th October 2005.

It contains the following new features:

  • The possibility bar can be simply activating use ALT+number rather than a mouse toolbar click

It contains the following enhancements to existing functionality:

  • The help window is independent to the application, puzzles can be solved with the help window still open.
  • The possibility explanation window has been made clearer to read.
  • Tentative possibilities can be cleared using the DELete key.
  • The right-hand keyboard numeric keypad can be used to enter choices for squares and tentative possibilities.

The following fixes have been applied:

  • The name and password for accounts are checked that they do not contain illegal characters
  • The symmetric reveal pattern of generated squares has been made more symmetric for harder level puzzles
  • The default sound effect for automatic square allocation was not configured correctly
  • The layout of some of the view option pages did not make use of the full space available

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