Sudoku Dragon

How to Purchase Sudoku Dragon

You can purchase Sudoku Dragon with one straightforward Internet purchase transaction. The license installed will then let you use Sudoku Dragon for an unlimited length of time on one PC.

Download Version

From the Download page download and install Sudoku Dragon on your PC. Run the Sudoku Dragon process from Window's® Start Menu and select License... from the Help menu.

The displayed screen shows the state of the license, if you are trying out the product you can select the Purchase button to launch the purchase process in your browser. The online secure browser pages then take your personal and card details and then you are automatically issued with a unique Order Number and license. The program will pick up the license automatically without you needing to re-install or type in any further data.

Number 4


If you need to re-install the software at any time, you need to enter the unique Order Number issued to you when the software was purchased. On the first screen select the Re-install Purchased option rather than the Free Trial.


To repair the license go to the Sudoku Dragon License screen from the Help menu and click on the Repair button this will generate an online transaction that will repair the license.


Sudoku Dragon includes an integrated update mechanism that allows you to check for updates at any time. These can then be installed without exiting the program or re-installing. During the free trial evaluation and the first year after purchasing the product you can receive these updates free of charge. To check whether an upgrade is available, select Update Check from the Help menu.

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The company developing and maintaining this product is Silurian Software . It is a name to trust - we have been selling software online since 1996.

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