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Sudoku is an amazing phenomenon, steeped in history, Sudoku has swept to prominence all over the world in the last few years.

Our web site has everything you need to solve Sudokus. There are pages covering the background to Sudoku, including its interesting origin and the range of intriguing Sudoku solution strategies.

Our free daily Sudoku puzzles are available in six different versions, so you are not stuck with just one regular puzzle type.

Try our Sudoku Dragon puzzle solver software. It has full help and guides to get you started. Generate new puzzles or print out puzzles in a clear, large format. Let the Dragon instantly display the possibilities for squares to help you solve a particularly difficult game. It also takes away some of the more tedious tasks when solving puzzles - including working out which Sudoku allocations are possible and which ones are not.

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The Sudoku puzzle is an entrancing pastime. Truly international in nature and appeal, Sudoku can be played by young and old; novice and expert. By playing Sudoku you'll find it sharpens your concentration ; memory and logical skills.


Do you Sudoku? To learn more about what this amazing puzzle is all about please visit our Sudoku introduction page. Read about the two thousand year history of Sudoku on our origins page. Are you interested in the strategies that you use to solve it? Then our Sudoku strategy page has all the answers.

Sudoku has become very popular because it has many hidden quirks. Like other excellent puzzles there are a range of different routes to solving it, not just one. Everyone solves Sudoku in their own way, tackling different squares in different orders using different strategies. Depending on the difficulty of the puzzle you can stick to the simpler strategies and solve it in a few minutes or take on a real brain-teaser that can take hours to solve. Our Sudoku Dragon software has guides on the main strategies used to solve puzzles.

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Get all the help you need in solving Sudoku puzzles with the Sudoku Dragon program. It provides puzzles with over a dozen different Sudoku grid sizes. All these are available at five different levels of difficulty from gentle (a few minutes to solve) to challenging (an hour to solve). The program has a range of helpful hints to hand whenever you need aid in solving a square or the whole puzzle. You'll also find Sudoku Dragon useful for printing out puzzles for solving by hand.

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solve sudoku Sudoku Dragon offers all the puzzle solving features you want. Free to Download and try for over 3 weeks.Print out, display and generate puzzles of a variety of sizes (big grids included); types and difficulty whenever you like. It has the complete support you need for solving Sudoku puzzles.

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