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Solving Sudoku puzzles is an entrancing pastime. Truly international in nature and appeal, Sudoku can be played by young and old; novice and expert. By playing the puzzle, you learn not only Sudoku but sharpen your concentration, memory and logic skills.

Sudoku Dragon offers all that you need to generate and solve Sudokus. It has full help and guides to get you started. Our daily puzzle gives you a fresh puzzle to pit your wits against each day.

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Number 3

Sudoku has an interesting origin, we hope you find solving Sudoku puzzles an interesting and fun pastime.

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Sudoku Dragon is the complete Sudoku puzzle solving solution, it has everything you need to solve this deceptively difficult puzzle.

Based on the deceptively simplest of logical rules the Sudoku puzzle offers billions of different games and billions of different ways of solving them. In a regular square 9x9 grid you have to fill in each row and column with the numbers 1 to 9 (we also offer a dozen other puzzle sizes). However, each row, column and region must only have one occurrence of each number. There is lots of scope for producing quick and easy games as well as really challenging ones that can take hours to solve - even in the hands of an expert.

Many puzzles have their own aesthetic appeal too, the pattern of squares can form an interesting design in itself.

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Number 9

Our web site offers the full Sudoku experience, from daily puzzles; message boards and discussion of strategies. But most importantly we want you to enjoy the benefits of using Sudoku Dragon on your PC.

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solve sudoku Sudoku Dragon offers all the puzzle solving features you want. Free to Download and try for over 3 weeks.Print out, display and generate puzzles of a variety of sizes (big grids included); types and difficulty whenever you like. It has the complete support you need for solving Sudoku puzzles.

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