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Printable Sudoku Puzzle

Printing a Sudoku puzzle is must have feature of any good Sudoku solver. You can use our Sudoku Dragon to type in puzzles from papers and magazines or use it to generate new, unique puzzles for you to solve.

There is a free daily Sudoku puzzle of different levels of difficulty for you to download directly to our puzzle solver.

As well as the Sudoku Print options you can also use the Save As Image to save a screen shot of the current puzzle. This can then be printed out or inserted into e-mails to send to your Sudoku solver friends.

The Sudoku Dragon offers a range of options for printing. You can choose to include the list of all the square allocations you have made so far - including any notes - essential for solving hard puzzles. The Sudoku puzzle solver can also show all the possibilities it has worked out for the unallocated grid squares. There are a a wide variety of display themes and options available to customize how it will look.

Printable Sudoku

If you have a Sudoku puzzle you want to print out and solve then you can do this simply and easily with Sudoku Dragon. Simply Download Sudoku Dragon and enter the puzzle data. To enter a printed puzzle you just need to type in the allocated squares using the arrow navigation cursor keys to move around the grid. You can then use the Print Preview to view what the print-out would look like and then use Print... to produce a good sized Sudoku puzzle print copy.

The colors and text font used for the printer can all be changed using the View Options so that the printed copy will look exactly how you like. We provide a number of special color themes for cases where you want it to match your printer's settings,for example 'gray only'.

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Printable Sudoku

sudoku solver To solve any Sudoku puzzle download a copy of Sudoku Dragon. It will print out and display puzzles of varying sizes; types and difficulty levels. Our web site has a great deal of information about the origins of Sudoku; the basics of the Sudoku puzzle and strategy. It includes sample puzzles, guides and easy access to daily free puzzles from our web site.

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