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Get your daily free Sudoku by visiting our daily Sudoku puzzle pages. We offer six different Sudoku puzzles every day. There are the regular 9x9 Sudoku with difficulty levels (gentle, moderate and challenging) as well as word or jigsaw and samurai Sudokus.

If you miss out on a day's puzzle or you want to check your solution to a daily puzzle browse through the archive of previous puzzles. When the daily puzzle is displayed you can choose to print it out (using a format specifically geared to giving a clear image with black ink only); or even better, download the daily puzzle to solve with the Sudoku Dragon software and solve it on your PC with the full battery of tips to aid you through the fascinating process of solving the puzzle. Sudoku Dragon lets you re-size and change the puzzle font and colors in a multitude of different ways to suit your taste.

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Number 3

The daily puzzle is available free of charge and as far as we know, has not been printed anywhere else, it is unique. There are so many possible Sudoku puzzles that we don't think we'll ever have to re-use one.

Daily Sudoku

Our daily Sudoku puzzles give you a new challenge each day.The solutions to all the Sudoku games are always available.

The free Sudokus are very varied in difficulty (within the broad categories of easy, moderate and hard) as well as word or jigsaw and samurai Sudokus.

Download and try our solver program to have full control over the puzzle generation options - and it is much faster too.

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Number 6

Each daily puzzle is available for download as a Sudoku puzzle file for solving from our Sudoku Dragon software. You can also print out the puzzle in a conveniently clear and uncluttered format.

Sudoku Puzzle Daily

sudoku solver To solve any Sudoku puzzle download a copy of Sudoku Dragon. It will print out and display puzzles of varying sizes; types and difficulty levels. Our web site has a great deal of information about the origins of Sudoku; the basics of the Sudoku puzzle and strategy. It includes sample puzzles, guides and easy access to daily free puzzles from our web site.

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