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You can use the Sudoku Dragon software to download our free puzzles each day. The web site has six daily puzzles to view, download and solve.

Sudoku Dragon comes with full online help; guides and sample puzzles. It will give you hints to help you solve puzzles, or print them out in a convenient format for solving by hand.

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Number 7

There are a variety of different ways to mark your tentative possibilities on squares in the Sudoku grid. This is essential when solving the more difficult puzzles. The Sudoku download includes facilities for analyzing possibilities and explaining simply and precisely which square allocations are possible and which are impossible using the Sudoku various solutions strategies including hidden twin; naked twins; excluded subgroup; X-Wing and all the advanced strategies.

Available in a range of different display themes Sudoku Dragon puzzles are made easy and fun to solve.

Download Sudoku

Download Sudoku

When you have downloaded our Sudoku solution software you have all you need to solve any Sudoku puzzle. It supports a dozen different Sudoku puzzle sizes and nine puzzle types. You can try it out for a generous 23 day free trial before you decide whether to buy it.

Animated guides are provided that take you through some of the finer points of Sudoku strategy, including the twin exclusion , subgroup exclusion, X-Wing and all the advanced strategiesrules.

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Number 8

The program has facilities for expert and the novice players. You can add annotations and color codes to any square in the grid. These notes can record why particular numbers must go or can not go in particular squares. In addition by pressing the SHIFT key and a number you can add tentative possibilities and CTRL key for impossibilities to a square. If you are new to Sudoku you'll probably need a fair bit of help to start with. So the program can help you by indicating easy to solve squares. It can display all the possibilities in every square. You can use the range of hints to show squares that can be easily solved; check the solution so far; explain possibilities or else briefly show the complete solution to the puzzle. The possibilities feature gives a straightforward explanation as to why particular squares can take particular numbers.

Download Sudoku

Download Sudoku

sudoku solver To solve any Sudoku puzzle download a copy of Sudoku Dragon. It will print out and display puzzles of varying sizes; types and difficulty levels. Our web site has a great deal of information about the origins of Sudoku; the basics of the Sudoku puzzle and strategy. It includes sample puzzles, guides and easy access to daily free puzzles from our web site.

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